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  • Los AngelesOur new LA office brings an all-star cast of sales and
    service professionals to the western United States.
  • TnA 144 Torque and Angle Fastening SystemExperience the award-winning next generation of bolting technology.
  • Structural BoltsMillions in stock ready to ship to your next project.
  • Expert Repair ServicesHighly trained technicians are standing by to service your fleet.
  • Dacromet® A490 BoltsLet us help you navigate the new world of ASTM F1136 coatings.
  • West Coast PresenceExperience Big, Big Service at our new Southern California office and warehouse.
  • Complete Rental FleetLate model tools. Expertly maintained. Shipped today.
  • A563 DH MG Nut with CleanLubeUse it to save up to 75% on paint prep costs.
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Latest News

Read the article "Six Into One" written by Chad Larson, President of LeJeune Bolt and Tom Schlafly, Director of Reasearch at AISC in this months issue of Modern Steel Construction. The article explains how the six structural bolt standards are now c...
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Wilshire Grand Project coming along nicely. When finished it will be the tallest building west of the Mississippi. Great work by our crew in the Chino, CA office managing this high profile and challenging project!
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