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  • Los AngelesOur new LA office brings an all-star cast of sales and
    service professionals to the western United States.
  • TnA 144 Torque and Angle Fastening SystemExperience the award-winning next generation of bolting technology.
  • Structural BoltsMillions in stock ready to ship to your next project.
  • Expert Repair ServicesHighly trained technicians are standing by to service your fleet.
  • Dacromet® A490 BoltsLet us help you navigate the new world of ASTM F1136 coatings.
  • West Coast PresenceExperience Big, Big Service at our new Southern California office and warehouse.
  • Complete Rental FleetLate model tools. Expertly maintained. Shipped today.
  • A563 DH MG Nut with CleanLubeUse it to save up to 75% on paint prep costs.
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Overview of LeJeune Bolt's TnA® 144 Torque and Angle Fastening Sys...
How LeJeune Bolt's TnA® 144 Torque and Angle Fastening System work...

Latest News

Good turn out at the annual AGC MN event tonight. Great feedback on the new http://t.co/ixN2ObxFFC. TnA is infiltrating the market.
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Crane rail install going up using our TnA Fastening System. Simple, seamless installation as expected. http://t.co/gyL6MHS3uz
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